Monday, July 30, 2012

I Blame it on the Olympics...

.... the sad, sloppy state of my room that is. While my room is full of many wonderful things, it is lacking one essential item for this period of life - a television. When planning my move out to Colorado and thinking of top priority items to bring out or buy upon arrival, a TV was not even on the bottom of the list. Normally, I could care less if the TV is on but these are no ordinary times. Thank goodness I live with someone who gives me access to the Olympic Games because I've pretty much been glued to the tube since they started!

A new garage sale item. Pretty nice, huh?

Finally picked out my snaps, did the necessary cropping and filled this beautiful metal thrift frame!

Oh the cleaning that should be done... in 14 days perhaps!


mmncgrand said...

These pictures of your room look quite different from the last one you posted. It looks lived in now. Love your new pictures too. How is the job hunting going? Miss you dear one.

Nicole said...

They sure are... my room looks a little too lived in now!