Friday, February 19, 2010

Elephantine Self Control

The last couple of days I have visited many of my favorite shops - multiple thrift stores and two antique malls. I am on a mission to find a little suitcase for my graphic design portfolio. And of course thrift stores and antique malls are a great place to go for this item. It's been a wonderful yet painful time visiting these superb shops. I have had to exercise some major self-control in a couple of ways. 1) Not allowing myself to get caught up looking at the entire store - focusing on the luggage section and baskets/knickknacks (which fortunately lets me cover a decent amount of ground) 2) Not buying all the exceptional items that catch my eye as I scope the space for suitcases. Displayed are some of the temptations I've come across. And mind you, these are only a few of the tantalizing items I came across. Just for a scintilla of clarification -the navy and red bag is a shoe carrier and the chair is a swivel chair that is quite comfy! The last picture is a bike basket that would probably be perfect for my J.C. Higgins cruiser.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Bit Of Apple-Pie Ordering For My Room

I like having a clean room but somehow it always becomes a bit of a pigsty. And whenever I clean it I always have hope that I will change my ways and keep my room in an orderly fashion. I don't know if my room will ever remain clean for longer than two weeks but since I just finished cleaning it I am going to continue in my hope that this cleaning will motivate me to keep it clean for months to come! But for now at least I will enjoy my freshly decluttered, vacuumed and dusted room!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I'm doing some research for a school project right now and I ran across this image. Apparently a professional card stacker (didn't even know there was such a thing) created an entire hotel out of plastic key cards. I didn't read much more but if you all would like to educate yourselves on toilets made out of plastic cards, you can visit this site.

Okay, I just went back and read the rest of the article and I am ready to go to New York! But for now... back to school.