Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Tour of The Crayon Box

I've decided to come shake the cobwebs off the good old Salmagundi. I'm not sure how many more uses it will have but for the moment a blog seems to be much handier than email.

About a month ago Courto and I moved to the Old Northside with two other girlie whos and some of you have not seen pictures of our new abode yet. This is a problem, because it really is a lovely place. We have affectionately dubbed it The Crayon Box for reasons you will soon discover on our little tour.

Home Sweet Home

A view from our side of the duplex

Our back porch

Our lovely front porch

A view from the porch of our corner, we like to keep track of what is going on in the neighborhood.

We spend a lot of time relaxing out here


The parlor

If you stop by in the afternoon, we could share a spot of tea in here.

Our little purposeless nook, except perhaps for tying your shoes.

The dining room

This handy pull out door separates the dining and living rooms.

The living room

Our little butler pantry which we discovered serves as a nice buffet line.

The kitchen, the door goes out to the back porch.

The stairs to get to the basement are hiding in the back right corner of the kitchen. I neglected to take pictures this time around.

This view of the main floor from the parlor is what inspired the name of our abode - The Crayon Box - it's got all your basic colors, in variations.

Going up to the second floor from the dining room.

Courto's room

Her new desk from Grandma & Grandpa

And her spanking new Amish bedroom furniture

The slave stairs come up to the second floor from the kitchen.

Second floor hallway, linen closet on the left, slave stairs right after that and then Courto & Brianne's bathroom.

Second floor hallway, stairs going up to third floor.

My little reading nook, free of my room's wonderful distractions. The door goes over to the other side of the duplex.

Danielle and I's bathroom

Although this bathroom is smaller than the other, I like it much better because of features like this brick wall.

The door to the left of my chair goes into an attic storage room.

My bedroom

There is still a bit more unpacking to do and more pictures to hang but we are pretty well settled in and thoroughly enjoying our downtown accommodations!