Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm Done Talking

For a couple years now I have been talking about wanting dreads and this past summer I came very close to getting them. The first weekend I was at camp some girls told me they would dread my hair but something always came up the next nine weeks of camp and I never got them done. But today someone who tried to dissuade me from getting dreads helped make my dream of dreaded hair come true! Thanks, Sarah! Sarah and her roommate, Ashley spent about seven hours today knotting my hair into an organized mess and I absolutely love it!!


My Stylists: Ashley (left) and Sarah (right)

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Spork That Lit My Fire

Success at last! I am finally able to show you the beautiful spork I purchased in Gainesville!

Beautiful Black Lines

I was just turning on my computer to grab a little info needed for my internship application when I stumbled upon a wonderful discovery - three beautiful black lines on my navigation bar or whatever it's called informed me that I am reaping the benefits of someone's wireless internet connection! 

You may have wondered if I had decided to give up on blogging due to my severe lack of posts.  I am sorry to have left you devoid of a bit of mental stimulation for the past month. Here is my excuse for my dormant blog: I haven't been able to get on-line with my computer up till now which means I couldn't post any pictures and Uncle Bill's connection is putsy and I've been too impatient to even think of posting from his computer. But now that I have found my free and convenient internet connection in the extra bedroom, I will try to keep you more informed!

For starters, I'll share a bit of knowledge Uncle Bill learned tonight and shared with 
me. However, after doing a bit of research on Wikipedia just now, I am seeing that the tidbit he shared with me may be false. But I'll give you this little nugget of knowledge and let you decide who you want to trust. Uncle Bill told me that the word "golf" began from the acronym "gentlemen only, ladies forbidden" but Wikipedia says this is merely folk etymology.