Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pike's Peak or Bust!

In 2008 I was a camp counselor on a little mountain not too far away from Colorado Springs... and Pike's Peak. While this was not my first time in Colorado, it was during this summer that I really fell in love with the area. This was also the summer that Matt and Sonya made their way west. But as Matt and Sonya began to settle in, I packed up my bags and headed back to the flat region of Indianapolis. 

From that summer on, every time my feet landed in Colorado and I looked up at those Rockies, I thought "Yep, I think I could handle living out here!" But for three years there was always a reason not to move, mostly because I was putzing my way through school back in Indiana. Then, last August, we spent our family vacation in Keystone, Colorado and as those all familiar words started to pop out of my mouth, I had a revelation - I could actually move to Colorado! I no longer had any excuses, I was done with school and was in a job where I could save a couple bucks. So last summer, I began to take my dream a little more seriously. 

Now my dream is about to become a reality! On July 12th, Mom and I will be hopping into my trusty Toyota, along with whatever belongings I can cram in, and setting off on our westward journey. People ask me what I'll do when I get out to Colorado.  Well, I'm not entirely sure... I just want to go hike some mountains! 

As John Muir said, "The mountains are calling and I must go." I don't think he was referring to the remarkable Rockies... but I am!