Thursday, May 28, 2009

Feeding My Obsession

Last summer while in Colorado Springs I visited this delightful coffee house called Agia Sophia. There are many reasons why Agia is delightful such as their location in Old Colorado City, their quaint, peaceful atmosphere and interesting books but what really sparked my love for Agia Sophia was their lavender flavoring. I had never before seen lavender flavoring and thought I ought to try it out. Little did I know that the moment I took the first sip of my iced lavender latte, an obsession with lavender had also been swallowed. 

Since that time I have acquired lavender lotion, incense sticks, tea, an eye pillow, linen spray, soap, bubble bath and a lavender plant! My taste buds have relished the experiences of lavender in water, bread, salad, a smoothie, chocolate and shortbread. Oh, and I got to clean with lavender scented pledge! 

As you can see, I do love lavender. However, I have decided that herbs in general are simply fantastic. Therefore I have decided to start an herb garden. 

Along with an indoor and outdoor lavender plant, I am also now in the business of nurturing the following herbs: chocolate mint, peppermint, oregano, pineapple mint, lemon balm and thai basil. The chocolate mint, lemon balm and of course the lavender have an absolute heavenly scent! I just love my little herb babies!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Searching For A Name

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending some time in one of my favorite stores - Goodwill! I found this wonderful treasure there but am not really sure what it is. Mom thought it could be a writing desk while I suggested it could be a portable coffee table and cane combo! Although mine sounds the most possible I am open to other opinions on this object's life calling. Perhaps there is a bright mind out there that could supply us with occupation of this object or just affirm my speculation. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Cross-Country Peregrination

It's a good thing I only said it was my aspiration to post twice a week and not my promise because I have failed miserably! I'm sorry for neglecting the Salmagundi.

As you all know, I have been traversering around the country this semester. My peregrination came to an end a couple weeks ago on May 8th. The map above and the letters below give a recap of my ventures.

A: Indianapolis, IN - left home on February 4th!
B: Clarksville, TN - had lunch with Howie who I met last summer at camp.
C: Athens, GA - stayed overnight at Natalia's, who I also met at camp.
D: Windermere, FL - stayed with JaMarcus & Rosie from February 5th - March 3rd.
E: Mobile, AL - stayed overnight at America's Best Value.
F: Waxahachie, TX - stayed overnight at the Nealys. 
G: Tucson, AZ - stayed with Uncle Bill from and daily invaded Uncle Dennis, Aunt Susie & Grandma's abode from March 6th - April 30th. 
H: Phoenix, AZ - stayed with Uncle Jim & Auntie Del for a couple days in April.
I: Tucson, AZ
J: San Diego, CA - stopped to visit the coast with Peter and saw some seals.
K: Los Angeles, CA - stayed overnight at Peter's cousin's and went to Six Flags and Chinatown. 
L: Tucson, AZ - left Arizona on April 3oth. 
M: Colorado Springs, CO - stayed with Matt & Sonya from May 1st - 6th. 
N: Fort Collins, CO - stayed over night with Windee, another counselor from camp. 
O: Fort Dodge, IA - ate at Ja-Mar's with Anna, stayed overnight at the Bowsers. 
P: Cedar Falls, IA - had lunch with Lucas and Jordan.
Q: Indianapolis, IN - back home on May 8th!

Some of you may remember a post I made last fall about a revision in my thinking/planning of life. Here's a quick link if you'd like your memory jogged. This semester of travel may not seem to fit into that revised line of thought very well so I thought I'd give the reasoning behind my trip. 

My original plan for this semester was to stay at home in Indy and take classes full-time at Ivy Tech while continuing to babysit part-time. When I could only get into one class I started to think of other options. 

The first idea was an internship down in Florida. Despite Rosie's efforts at networking for me, I wasn't able to find a place to do an internship but I guess Rosie had gotten used to the idea of me coming down for the semester and suggested I just come and work some place. When finding a job seemed a bit pickly, she then suggested I just come down for a month and visit. By this time I had really gotten used to the idea of going down to Florida and thought this sounded like a good plan. 

Then Dad asked me if I would want to go down to Arizona for a month or two to help take care of Grandma. I was a little hesitant at first about this idea because I didn't feel qualified to help take care of Grandma. However, I decided I could figure it out and began planning Arizona into my semester as well. 

After deciding on these two destinations, the question of transportation arose. Flying was mentioned but driving won out because of the convenience and adventure it would provide. And since I was driving, why not add a few more destinations?!

I thoroughly enjoyed each leg of my trip and am quite glad I made this cross-country trek! All the time in the car was great for listening to music and books on tape, prayer and just thinking. I loved seeing new sites and the numerous regions of this country. Thanks, Mom, for letting me borrow your camera so I could capture them all! And without the many great people I got to see and visit, the trip would have been a bit stodgy. Thanks so much to everyone who opened up their home to me and gave me shelter and food and good company!