Thursday, August 23, 2012

Getting Artsy Phartsy

I like to make things but most times I seem to like procrastinating more. So to help myself out, I made a little chart that I've hung up on my wall. Simple pleasures, such as stickers, can bring a lot of satisfaction and joy so I've given myself not just one but two glorious spots for deserving stickers! One for the start of a project and the second one goes on at completion of a project. 

This lamp helped me earn my first two stickers. Mom got it for me when I moved out here and it just had a plain, white shade on it before the crafting began. I used some maps from the World Atlas I snagged at a garage sale for $0.25 and decoupaged them onto the shade. 

I'm pretty pleased and happy with my vagabond lamp. And man, did it feel good applying those shiny stickers to my chart!


Deb said...

I do like the vagabond man with his new head gear much better than the plain white shade. Glad to see I'm on the list of artsy things to be done. Let's get some stars on that list!

Nicole said...

Thanks, glad you like the new head gear! Yes, I do need to get a move on those other projects too. I need to call you and see if we can clarify some details via phone... or Skype might work better.

RosebudWitt said...

That lamp is hilarious. Love it.

Nicole said...

Thanks, Rosie dear!